Instructions to Authors submitting manuscript to the Journal of NeuroVirology


The Journal of NeuroVirology (JNV) provides a unique platform for the publication of high-quality basic science and clinical studies on the molecular biology and pathogenesis of viral infections of the nervous system, and for reporting on the development of novel therapeutic strategies using neurotropic viral vectors. The Journal also emphasizes publication of non-viral infections that affect the central nervous system. The Journal publishes original research articles, reviews, case reports, coverage of various scientific meetings, along with supplements and special issues on selected subjects.

The Journal is currently accepting submissions of original work from the following basic and clinical research areas: Aging & Neurodegeneration, Apoptosis, CNS Signal Transduction, Emerging CNS Infections, Molecular Virology, Neural-Immune Interaction, Novel Diagnostics, Novel Therapeutics, Stem Cell Biology, Transmissable Encephalopathies/Prion, Vaccine Development, Viral Genomics, Viral Neurooncology, Viral neurochemistry, Viral Neuroimmunology, Viral Neuropharmacology

Submission of Manuscripts

All manuscripts should be submitted to the Journal of NeuroVirology via the Journal’s online web-based submission system at the following link:

Further instructions can be viewed by clicking 'Instructions for Authors' on the right pane of the Springer JNV page.